Housing Benefits - Advice and Information

If you are new to claiming housing benefits or simply want to know some basic facts then please browse our site for advice and information relating to housing benefits in the UK.

On our site we aim to give you answers to the most popular questions and this will hopefully assit you in deciding if you are either eligible for housing benefits or not and if so how much you can expect to receive.

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What is Housing Benefit?

Housing benefit is money from the government to assist people on low incomes who need financial assistance with there rent. This applies to people on low incomes whether they are in work or not. The payments could be all or a proportion of the rent you pay.  
Please Note: When two people live together only one can claim housing benefit.  
People under the age of 25 and deemed single will only be allowed to claim housing benefit if they are renting a bed-sit or a room in a shred property.  
If you claim child benefit the amount you receive is not counted as income when calculating your housing benefit.  
Other benefits you receive will not be affected by housing benefit